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Customer Reviews in Green Bay, WI

Listen to what one of our customers has to say after installing a Fujitsu air conditioner.

Read all about how Comfort Control Systems has satisfied customers with their expert knowledge and unsurpassed customer service


Very Satisfied Customers

Al & I have been dealing with Comfort Control Since 1980!We can’t say enough about the service & professionalism. We do not hesitate to refer this company to family & friends. They install confidence and we live in comfort! Thank you again Ron, Mike & Staff!

A.A. & J.A.


Changed Our Life!

I had Comfort Control Systems, Inc. come in and test the air quality of my home. This process takes about thirty minutes with the salesman bringing a machine that reads everything that is in the air. The test was free to administer. This test found toxins, allergins, and chemicals that are normal with everyday cleaning. You wouldn't think that books would give off a chemical component from the ink they are printed with but this test showed that it does. Comport Control Systems boasts that the UV PhotoMax will clean the air of airborne viruses, bacteria and reduce odors for cleaner indoor air. After they installed this system I can tell you that I do not wake up stuffy or having to clear my nasal passages. I see no dust floating in rays of sunlight coming through the windows. This system has been a lifesaver for my wife and for myself. This system cleans the air every thirty minutes, and with the coronavirus happening now I could not be happier that I have had this installed! I have recommended this system to family and highly recommend it to anyone for a cleaner, healthier air inside your home. Everything about this system is fantastic!

Mike -Green Bay


Good Day Comfort Control Folks!
I just wanted to give a shoutout to one of your employees, Technician, Lee McLester. We were victims of the recent East River flooding and called Comfort Control when our furnace would not work. Lee got the assignment to come to our home and work on our furnace. But, at that time, early Friday evening, the flood waters surrounding our home prevented him from reaching our house. He knew this from our phone conversation but he came anyway to check it out and to see what he could do to help us. Sure enough he could not reach us because of the water. But he got close enough so we could yell to each other and we figured out a way for him to get us two space heaters to get us through the night. They were life safers!! Then, as he promised, he returned the next day. The water had receded by then so he had access to our home. He expertly fixed the problem, charged a very resaonable rate, and was a most pleasant guest in our home--during a most difficult time for me and my family.

We give Lee six thumbs-up! (Three of us are living here right now.)

Kudos to Comfort Conrtrol Systems for having employees like Lee.

Thank you!

D.B. - Green Bay, WI


Dear Mike,
Thank you for the call last night. Yesterday, Steve and Jason did a terrific job of installing our new Amana Furnace. We kept going in to look at it. We could also feel the effect of the UV air purification system. The floors were protected and the clean-up was excellent. The pricing, instant rebate, the putting in of the cold air return in the basement, and the preparedness, ( discussion with Steve and the pictures taken ) so that the installation was done to your specifications was outstanding. Your services over the past four decades has been one we greatly trust. Your company is truly a quality company and all who work at Comfort Control make it so!

C.S. & B.S. Green Bay


I just wanted to drop you and Comfort Controls an email to let you know how happy and satisfied we are with our Furnace and AC installation, as well as the furnace performance and UV blue light. Our house is more "Clear" since the UV light and we are experiencing less allergy issues and sinus issues.
We are loving the Wi-fi control with our thermostat and so appreciate Justin coming into to explain everything to us, as well as show us what filters we need for our furnace, etc.
In addition, it is awesome how you guys help us with the rebate and mail the forms to us!
Needless to say, we are very satisfied and will be recommending you to our friends and family when the time comes for them to update their heating and cooling!
We are also very thankful that you guys are installing our chimney liner and thankful for that being done.
Have a great weekend and thanks again!

M.K. and E.K.


Thank you for following up with us after our installation ! Just wanted to follow up and let you know that everything, from yesterday’s visit until today when Lee, Allen, Justin and Jacob left was the absolute best experience I have ever had with any home improvement/repair team. There were some very interesting challenges handed to all of them today in which case they handled with ease and were so very helpful and knowledgeable and made sure I too understood the issues that popped up and what they did to make it all right. I cannot thank you enough, I am so very happy with the system so far ! it’s made such a massive difference in less than the 5 hours I have been using it. I am so very happy to have done business with Comfort Systems and will never be recommending any other company! Looking forward to spreading the good news and bragging about the light system when people ask where my allergies went! Thank you again so much! My daughter has been on and off sick since she was born, just recently after no other explanation the doctors suggested it may be the air, dust, and nasty spores that our previous system was pushing through our home. Thanks to your visit, recommendations and the great team at Comfort Control Systems I am looking forward to her improving health. To me that is absolutely priceless! Thank you again !
Green Bay


Like many people, we do not use Facebook but would like to comment on our service call today. As usual your customer service is exceptional. Today Allen performed the yearly maintenance on our boiler and solved the original reason why we scheduled the appointment. I am more than impressed how Allen and your company put customers as your number one priority. Every time we call, you seem to figure a way to get a technician to assist us within a few hours which is well beyond any other company we are aware of. The original cost for our furnace, AC, and hot water heater was expensive but your customer service more than makes up for the initial sticker shock of the cost. We couldn't be more pleased with the assurances you provide. Thanks for Being one of those rare company's that walk your talk.


Dear Comfort Control Systems,
Thank you for the great job you do. We are very satisfied with your service on our furnace and air conditioner. We have been with you for many years and would never consider getting anyone else. You do an outstanding job. They explain everything very well and are so clean, kind and professional. A special thank you to Jason.
M.K. & K.K.


Why did my wife and I purchase from Comfort Control ???? First the meeting with you and your evaluation and recommendation of the unit sold us. We had two other companies opting for our business but your superior knowledge of the product was way over and above your competitors. You did not try to over sell us. I feel the pricing was suitable. The installation was very prompt.The installer Stanley laid carpets on our floors as not to soil the area he was working in. He went about his business and installed the unit with no failures. Before he left, he explained the unit and went through a series of functions and let us operate the remote, etc. John the electrician from Kleuskens Electric came and did his work and was gone. He was very efficient. We did do some limited testing of the air and the heating and all seems to be working ok. This winter and next summer we hope to give it the real test. Too all Comfort Control employees, WE THANK YOU.
J.H. & J.H.
Green Bay


Dear Mr. Quick,
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your company for your excellent service in providing a new heating and air conditioning system for our mother's residence in De Pere.
When we called Comfort Control mother was in a most difficult situation of having the heating system fail her when she most needed it. At 92 years of age she could ill afford to be in her home without heat.
After speaking to Mike Vande Ven, Comfort Manager, about her problem he indicated he would look into it personally. He went to the home and assessed the need for a new heating and cooling system. While this involved a considerable expenditure, we had complete confidence in Mike's assessment and agreed to the replacement.
We can't say enough about how quickly and professionally Mike and your other company's personnel installed the new heating and cooling system. To date, both systems have worked as designed and we are very happy with them.
Be assured that we are pleased to recommend you company and services. Thank you for your kindness to our mother and your professionalism.


Please let Stan know that he did a great job with the installs and explaining what he was doing.
Thanks again,


FYI?Allen is a very professional tech. He went through the central air system with a fine tooth comb, checking & cleaning the outside unit.
I give Allen Kopatz & Comfort Control Systems a 5 star rating for doing a excellent job today!
Thank you,
A very satisfied customer...


I am not a Facebook person but I would like to tell you that I am very happy with the work done and everyone that was involved with my project. And a special thanks to the guy who built my return box and got me the floor grate ( I think his name was Dan ), and also the smooth talking Dutchman, Mike.
Ask me for a full review again in the spring.
Thank you,
Green Bay


Hello Ashley,
Thank you for your email. After the first day I am happy to report we are very comfortable in our home with the installed a/c unit. Steve, our installer, was incredibly professional and kind. Steve took the time to cover the ins and outs as required but also took the time to outline important information in the user's manual.
The unit was not center on the wall which is disappointing be we managed to deal with it. Steve explained the presence of a 2x4 when drilling however the unit is about 6 inched off center. We plan to use your maintenance service on our boiler as well so if we encounter any a/c issues we will point them out at the time of service.
If you are able to provide me the name of the electrician I would like to send a note to him/her as well.
Enjoy your day!


I just wanted to tell you that your men did a quality install and were professional and courteous. I would recommend you to others.


Dale did an amazing job. Great guy, explained everything really well, and gave Larry a piece of mind about his furnace.
L.S., G.B.


Appreciate the quick response today Ashley. Things are working much better now. Thanks to technician Joe for his courteous, pleasant style. He took time to explain his troubleshooting plans and we had fun chatting about our common love of biking.
Thanks again
Green Bay


To the wonderful Staff at Comfort Control,
I just want to send a note to thank everyone for the wonderful service you have always given me. When my husband was alive we always had great service and I am so pleased to work with such caring and knowledgeable men that take the time to explain things to me. Big Mike ? I thank you for always being so pleasant and thoughtful. I really appreciate it. To Stan an Steve for the very efficient installation. You were both very kind and patient with me and very "furry" child Lulu. Also a big thank you to Justin and Allen for cleaning the ducts and explaining more about the Ultra Violet Light ? thanks Allen for adjusting it for me and for always being so kind when you do the maintenance checks. I would definitely recommend Comfort Control to anyone looking for heating or air conditioning equipment and service. Your company and crew are some of the best people to work with and I'm proud to say that I am one Very Satisfied Customer.
Thanks again everyone
B.K. L.K.
Oconto Falls
P.S. Thank you guys for being so patient with Lulu.


Hi Comfort Control Systems,
I have been so impressed by your work at my home. Mike Vande Ven was so helpful and professional and because of his thoroughness and Comfort Controls motto of "what's right for the customer / right thing to do" ? that is the reason I went with your company! I will definitely refer you to anyone who is in need of heating, cooling, or plumbing services.
Thanks all for everything. Very satisfied customer.
Green Bay


Just a short note to say what an excellent job the guys did on the installation of our new gas fired boiler hot water heater combo. They completed the job in one day as promised and left my home spotless, they finished the second flush yesterday so we should be good to go.
Thanks again for the insight and education that you gave me on proper operation of the unit. Have a great week.
Green Bay


Lee is our "Comfort Control Guy". He has been doing our winter and summer maintenance checkups for several years now and always does a great job. He is very knowledgeable and always has a sense of humor even when we bug him with questions! Lee told us that in the near future we should start thinking about having our furnace replaced.
Recently, our igniter died on our furnace. A repair man we were not familiar with was sent out to solve our problem. It was very unexpected and much appreciated when we received an email saying the repair man was Alan and included a picture of him. After replacing the igniter, Alan confirmed what Lee had said about replacing our furnace in the near future.
We of course called Mike who sold us our first replacement furnace twenty years ago. It was great to have him over again, twenty years later, to sell us our new furnace and AC. Mike is not a high pressure sales person and we appreciate that. He took the time to explain all the benefits of replacing our old furnace, including the health benefits, by having the UVPhotoMAX installed. We have been satisfied with our Amana furnace and the high quality of service we always received when there was a problem. There was no doubt that we would purchase another Amana.
Kevin and Stan, who installed our system, were very professional as well as being considerate. We appreciated the care they took to protect our carpets, flooring, and even our finished garage floor. They did a great job on the installation and stayed to explain how all of it worked and how we should care for it.
Jason came to the rescue with two small issues we had after the installation. He to did a great job and again answered our questions.
All and all we just want to say that we are highly satisfied with our new furnace. I'm sure we will be happy with the new AC which hopefully we'll get a lot of use from this summer. We highly recommend Comfort Control for your products and the great service staff .
E.T.& B.T.
Green Bay


Comfort Control:
Just to let you know that George and I were very happy with the work done here by Justin and Joe on Dec. 3rd. Checking the furnace and the long overdue cleaning of the vents. They worked hard and worked together well, answered our questions, and etc. We were impressed!
G.S. & B.S
Oconto Falls


Jon and I would like to Thank You for taking the time today and putting our family as one of your priorities. This is great customer service and we would recommend Comfort Control to everyone in need of your services. Jon was very pleased with professionalism of your technicians. Again - Thank You for putting our worries to rest! We will see you next week Wednesday.


Just a note on how happy Kathy and I are about the new furnace you and your team installed. It has met our expectations and then some. You had told us of what to expect with our upgrade and it sure has come thru! Our living room has not seen the fireplace go on since the new addition of the register and it does keep the temperature pretty much constant like you had told us. Will be looking forward come summer to see how the new A/C works also. Your techs were very clean - considerate - professional - and always willing to answer all of my questions - which I had plenty when asked they answered them. I will certainly pass the word about the great job they did and also how they really cleaned up after everything was done. Job well done!
M.L. & K.L.
Green Bay


Dear CCS: Just a brief note to let you know how very pleased & satisfied I am with my new Amana furnace. You guys probably hear about it loud & clear when something goes wrong. You deserve to know also when it goes right and at my home you got it BANG-ON right!
Special commendations to Kevin (didn't catch the last name) who was everything a homeowner would want or expect in a service guy. Prompt, respectful, (of me and my home) highly competent, efficient. Give that man a bonus.
De Pere


I want to thank you and everyone at Comfort Control Systems for a very pleasant experience. From the first time I called to discuss my failing furnace with you, through March 24th, the day my new Amana furnace and air conditioner were installed, everybody was knowledgeable, informative, and committed to giving me the best information, installation and experience I could get. Your technicians were professional and very professional and very respectful of my home as they placed rugs in work areas, wore booties, and cleaned up beautifully when they were done. The installation looks great and I'm enjoying the quiet comfort of the heating system. THANK YOU TO ALL! I'm now anxiously waiting for the energy cost savings to begin. I'll recommend Comfort Control Systems to everyone I know.


Dear Dan,
Dan, Dick and I just wanted to write to you to let you know that we were very satisfied with the entire project from Comfort Control in the installation of our new furnace.
You did a very thorough job of explaining those options of replacing the older furnace with the same type or purchased the newer updated one. Then you did as assessment of what would be required to have our furnace perform at its' optimum level. You then found out that we needed some extra vents in our basement and an extra vent and a register put into our kitchen area.
Once this was done, your 2 technicians (I wish I could remember their names) came to do the removal of our old furnace and put in the new one, along with the additional vents, etc. Both of them did and excellent job and they were very helpful in explaining certain questions that we had. They worked very quickly and efficiently.
There was one problem in that the air fan speed was to fast so Jason H. came out to make the adjustment, which completely alleviated the problem. Jason also suggested replacing our old registers with a new version, which Dick has done in his bedroom and he enjoys the improvement in the movement of air. So "Thanks"


We are enjoying our new furnace and we find that it makes our home feel nicely warm and we run the fan regularly as it is much nicer since the adjustment was made to the fan speed. The new vent in the kitchen makes a world of difference in the warmth we feel while in there. That too is so appreciated. Great idea, Dan.
As you can tell, Dick and I are glad we made the choice that we did. Thank you very much for providing the great service and the nice furnace.
Yours' truly,
S.W. & R.W.
Green Bay


Dear Mike, It's Thanksgiving today and I am reviewing what I have to be thankful for this year. Near the top of the list and with anticipation for installation on Tuesday, is the Amana super efficient system I have purchased from you. It is going to be great!
I appreciate your kind patience in explaining your product and my heating/cooling needs. I learned a lot. Your willingness to work with my limitations, especially the limited budget I have available, was outstanding. This is an investment, which will increase my home value as well as keep me comfortable for years to come and your creative approach put it within my reach.
I wish you and all the crew at Comfort Control a happy, healthy, safe holiday season. You and your company will always be on my lips as I sing your praises.


We had the AMV9045 furnace installed and we are so thankful we took the jump! It was a huge financial decision but it made complete sense and now we see that this product is great! It keeps our home cooled and heated comfortable and the Dynamic Air Purifier has helped my wife and daughter combat their allergy problems. It has alleviated terrible discomfort they had from terrible allergies that plague NE Wisconsin. Thanks for the great product! Thanks to Mike Vande Ven who sold us an Amana furnace within the first 5 minutes of meeting us. Great service, great people! We will recommend you to anyone looking for HVAC equipment. In fact our neighbor purchased the same furnace not too long ago and he is very impressed!


Dear Mike,
My experience with Comfort Control started with a professional estimate that was very to the point and very understanding in layman's terms just exactly what was going to take place and how long it was going to take to do it.
Two weeks after the estimate a team of 4 men showed up with two trucks and all the equipment needed to replace the ductwork and my furnace. Very clean by laying plastic down on the steps and floors. Removed all the old ductwork and old furnace and proceeded to install the new furnace and all the ductwork. The men were very professional in all the work they did and worked together as a team to get the job done right. They were very concerned with the placing of the exhaust for the furnace and the aprilaire control on the cold air return as they asked me where I would like them placed as not to disturb my landscaping outside.
Wow I never saw such professionalism in my life and the concern these men had with my property and the concerns of leaving anything a mess. Ductwork cleaning was very well done not a mess left behind. When the job was done nothing was left behind and no one to clean up after. Excellent job. The men that were here to service were very well mannered and told me every little tip that would save me cost on my heating.I was very impressed at the way the office handled my insurance claim in a very professional manner. I have highly recommended this company to many people.
Very well satisfied with everything! Thank you very much!
Very well done.


Hello Mike,
We had the AMV9045 II stage furnace installed 7/14/09. We couldn't have been more happy in our choice of your furnace! It has helped alleviate my child and wife's allergies and provides a consistent air quality in our home. The variable motor is a great feature because there is always air coming out our vents that keeps the temperature more constant in our home. We have not received our WPS bill yet but I know we will have saved on our bill. We have had the A/C on constantly because we know the variable blower will help save utility costs and keep our air clean!
My father and his neighbor are looking into purchasing new furnaces. My neighbor just had their furnace go out today and I am going to show him the literature you gave me. I know he will choose the AMANA product. I will have him contact you as soon as he can.
My fathers furnace seems to be on its last leg. My father is going through chemo and radiation for his brain tumor so I know they are strapped for money. He has been very impressed with our furnace so if they do need one I know he will be giving you a call!
Thanks again for your knowledge, confidence in you exceptional product, and you professional presentation. You were the first person to come into our home and give us a quote. We were sold after the meeting. We did have another heating company in but they had a salesman who didn't know much about his product and didn't seem real confident in it. Plus, it would have been more expensive for less of a furnace. The choice was obvious and that's why we have a AMANA furnace!
I appreciate all you have done for us! It was a wise investment for my family! I hope one and possibly tow more people will be calling you for an AMANA product in there homes!
Thanks again and take care! You guys have a great team and that made me feel confidant having Comfort Control Systems handle our furnace installation!
Green Bay


Just wanted to let you know how thrilled my Mom is with the new boiler. I took her downstairs to see it and she was amazed at how beautiful it was and how clean the techs left the area it was installed in.
I can't thank you enough for putting her at ease and making her so comfortable in her home. She wanted me to make sure I told you for her.
Today is her 91st birthday and this is one of the best presents she could have ever bought herself!
Thanks again to you and your team.


We have been doing business with Comfort Control for over ten years. We just want to thank you for GREAT SERVICE and we mean GREAT !! A few years ago we were overseas and our furnace went out. One of you repairmen stopped here each day just to make sure everything was ok while we were away, you brought in heaters to keep the house warm, because it was in Nov. All your service men that have come to our home really represent you company in the best way possible. We should have thanked you all a long time ago. We have done business with many companies in the past 40 years and we can say that Comfort Control is by far the best we have ever done business with, your customer service is outstanding! Thank you again and enjoy your summer.
B.H. & K.H.


I just wanted to write you a quick letter to let you know how impressed I am with your company. To this date there has not been a single "Comfort Control" employee that has not been fantastic! I can't say enough good things and it all started with you. You are truly an asset to your company. You know your product line inside and out and the prices you quoted me were extremely fair, especially when combined with the outstanding warranty that Maytag has on its appliances. It was a deal I couldn't pass up. Just when I thought it couldn't get better I met Steve from your installation department, what a great guy to talk to. He was willing to take the time and explain everything to me. Steve was also extremely knowledgeable about you product line and did a great job on the installation. I couldn't believe how nice everything looked when he was finished and when the job was done he left my house cleaner than when he arrived. Steve had a partner on the second day, I don't know his name, but he was also fun to talk to and did a great job with the installation also, they worked well together. Thanks again for a great experience and I look forward to dealing with you in the future.


Just a note to let you know what a great company Comfort Control is. We're very pleased with all representatives, from the office phone personnel, to sales, to the knowledgeable and courteous service people. Everyone was so helpful with our regular maintenance, thermostat work, boiler purchase and installment. A big thank you for all the extra work to get our equipment running after a recent power surge. Your company is exceptional. We highly recommend your business!
J. T. V.


Our church just recently purchased two heating units from your company. I just thought I would drop you a line and tell you why we purchased from you company. It was not price, two other companies were cheaper, what convinced me and the other trustee was your sales rep, Dan. He was the only rep that was concerned about proper size, cold air intake, fresh air intake, church size and thermostat location. Dan spent about one hour with me covering all of these important issues and then came back an explained it to the other decision makers of the parish. One of your competitors idea of proper installation was taking the cover off the old units to see how many BTU's each unit was and that was the end of the inspections. We were so impressed with the detailed info your company and Dan provided my son-in-law (our church janitor) decided to purchase a furnace and air conditioning unit from Comfort Control. Thank you for the excellent work Dan and your staff provided.
K. V.


It was just three days after Christmas when the furnace at my store in Oconto started making a squeaking noise. Within hours, Tony arrived from Comfort Control to check it out. The news was much worse than we could have imagined. In addition to the squeak, he discovered a large crack in the heat exchanger which meant major repair or total replacement. Tony called in the diagnosis and even though there was a snowstorm gathering strength, Mike was here within 2 hours to give me the alternatives to fix it as well as the heaters to use in the interim to assure our safety. He explained the the situation thoroughly and presented his recommendation for the best solution. Given the expertise of the staff at Comfort Control, I was confident that I could take this advice with no reservations. Within days, the crew delivered and installed the new unit. Even though this took place during a period of very cold weather. it was arranged so that we did not have to close for a single day and we maintained a reasonable level of comfort for our employees and customers. I cannot commend the staff and crew enough for how smoothly this emergency was handled. But I was unprepared for the best part which came with my first gas bill. Mike had said I could expect to save about 40% on my heating bill. It was a very pleasant surprise to find a savings of 60% in January, followed by similar savings in the months that followed! And, these savings were coupled with a much higher comfort level with far less fluctuation and fewer "cold spots". Thanks, Comfort Control! You turned a nasty surprise into a great investment for the future.
L. R.


Just wanted to say Thanks for coming out and taking care of things so quickly. There isn't a better company to do business with! You guys Rock!
B. A. A.
De Pere


I have nothing but wonderful things to say about you company. I have never been more pleased with the sales and service of my new furnace and air conditioner and will recommend your company to friends and family. To begin with, Mike Vande Ven is a miracle worker. Not only did he explain in detail his concerns about our heating/cooling system he was able to recommend what was best for us. Mike went into such detail with his presentation that he has restored my faith in good customer service. Mike was able to direct me to the appropriate lender for financing which was a success story in itself. I will not only save money on my heating/cooling bills, as my house was refinanced at a much lower interest rate saving me up front an additional $400 per month. Mike, I thank you.... Steve and Dale were two of the most courteous and knowledgeable installers I have ever met. They both took the time out to explain what they were doing on the day of installation whenever I asked any questions. They were neat, clean and efficient and never stopped until the job was done. I was impressed.
Thank You
S. R. G.


We wish to thank you and the team at Comfort Control for the recommendation regarding, and installation of, our new Amana air conditioning system. It was an easy decision for us to know who we wished to advise and install our new air conditioning system.
As you are aware, we have been pleased with the service and the professionalism of the staff at Comfort Control. We are grateful for the insight you provided many years ago when we purchased our heating unit. We were pleased to know that it would, as you predicted then, meet the needs of our present remodel/addition project.
Mike, please thank all the gentlemen who worked on our project. As we have come to expect from Comfort Control, they displayed true professionalism and friendly service. They took personal pride in ensuring that our new air conditioning unit was placed properly for efficiency and provided helpful information. More impressive, was the fact that it was an extremely hot day and the men worked in the attic without one complaint! Please know we look forward to our continued relationship with Comfort Control for our heating and air conditioning needs, Thanks again, Mike!