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  • Filter Allergens
  • Kill Viruses
  • Humidify

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Air Quality Matters

Indoor Air Pollution

Do you have poor indoor air quality? If you suffer from allergies, congestion, or dry skin, you may want to consider getting an indoor air quality system to make your home as comfortable as possible.

What’s in Your Air?

The air inside your home can become polluted with anything and everything that accumulates in your heating/cooling system. Here is a list of the most common indoor air pollutants.

Indoor Air Pollutants

  • Dust
  • Bacteria
  • Micro-Organisms
  • Viruses

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How we Improve Indoor Air Quality

At Comfort Control we offer a variety of solutions for poor indoor air quality

Air Filtration

Fibrous filter designed to trap pollutants.

Air Purification

Uses ionization and ultra-violet light to disinfect your air.

Whole Home Humidification

Dry skin? Cracked lips? Think about your homes humidity level.

Our approach

Bring Fresh Air Back

Make your home a more comfortable indoor environment with one of our indoor air quality solutions. Keep outdoor air pollution out of your home and away from your lungs. You’ll be surprised at the affect indoor air quality can have on your daily life.

At Comfort Control we provide you with a professional indoor air quality assessment and our trained technicians can make customized recommendations to improve the air quality in your home.

Tier 1

Air Filtration

A variety of unwanted trespassers can make their way into your home and air via your HVAC system and wreak havoc.

Allergy Relief

Remove Indoor Air Allergens

This may sound like a homeowner’s worst nightmare but it has more affect on those who suffer from severe allergy symptoms or respiratory diseases.





Dust Mites

Your home should be your safe space away from all the discomforts of outdoors, including allergens such as animal dander and plant pollen.

Thankfully, these allergens can easily be filtered out of your air with the help of a simple and relatively inexpensive air filter.

virus makes homeowner sick 1
technician explains to homeowner

How Does It Work?

An air filter stops pollutants from entering your air by trapping them in its specially designed fibers as it enters your heating/cooling system from outdoors.

That being said, you need to make sure that your filter is properly attached to your HVAC system, remains relatively clean, and doesn’t restrict air movement.

One of our knowledgeable technicians would be happy to visit and make sure your air filters are in good condition and in the proper place.

Breath Easy

Air Purifiers Improve Poor Indoor Air Quality

While an air filter works to remove the larger pollutants in your air, an air purifier focuses its energy on smaller particles and works to eliminate micro-organisms, like viruses, and remove them from your air.

UV Light

How does an air purifier kill viruses? Air purifiers use ionization or UV light to eliminate.



Bad Smells


Chemical pollutants

UV Technology

Air Sterilization

After conditioned outdoor air has made its way past your air filter and through your heating system it passes through your air purifier where it is hit with the UV light, essentially disinfecting it.

Finally, the air is fully filtered, purified, heated/cooled and ready to enter your home as the fresh air you expect from a high quality indoor air purification system.

happy family on hard wood floors

How Can We Help?

Our team of expert HVAC technicians will assess you homes current air quality and your family’s needs to help determine whether or not an air purifier is necessary or a luxury.

Those with certain health concerns, such as respiratory diseases, are highly encouraged to install an air purification system in their home.

Comfort in the Dry Season

Whole Home Humidifiers

If you suffer from chronic dry skin and cracked lips the humidity level in your home might need to be assessed.

In Wisconsin, we typically see dry air in the beginning few months of the year. Just because the air outside is dry and painful, doesn’t mean the air in your home needs to be dry and uncomfortable too.

Dry air can be blamed for such discomforts as;

Frequent bloody noses


asthma attacks

increased static electricity

cracked lips/hands

Not Just for You

Other Benefits

Your personal comfort isn’t the only benefit of a whole home humidifier. A whole home humidifier can also help save your furniture and hardwood floors from cracking or shrinking.

Indoor air that isn’t consistently regulated for it’s humidity can cause internal trauma to the house itself.

man laying hardwood floors

Humidity and Your Home

As humidity rises in the summer the elements of your home expand; adversely, as the humidity falls in the winter the elements of your home shrink. A constant cycle of expanding and shrinking can be harmful in the long run. Years of this cycle can cause:

Cracks in flooring

Cracks in drywall

Ill-fitting floorboards and door frames


Replacing all the wood in your home due to drying, warping, cracking, or shrinking can be extremely expensive and frustrating. Before that happens, call Comfort Control to assess your indoor air quality.